Monday, April 25, 2005

Online role playing game World of Warcraft: last night

WOW screenshot
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(the screenshot there isn't from last night, it's just an example)

So, the way these work is each character on screen is a real person, hunched over a keyboard somewhere. Individually one is given various quests to do, but sometimes you get a quest you simply can't do on your own (go into a dungeon and kill lots of monsters, that sort of thing). That's when you have to find a group to team up with, and the little chat/text box in the left hand corner really comes into its own:


Four fantasy types (a MAGE, a ROGUE, a HUNTER (me) , a PRIEST and a PALADIN) are about to attack various monsters when-

PALADIN: Hang, on, my wound is bleeding, brb (be right back)

The PALADIN freezes.

ME: Wait, does he mean in Real Life?
PRIEST: Um, I guess.

Rest of characters hum, whistle, twiddle thumbs and so forth, while we wait for the PALADIN to return. I discover that if i type '/sleep' my character lies down and has a snooze, which is quite fun. Finally-

PALADIN: OK, back now.
ME: Are you bleeding in real life?
PALADIN: Yeah - keep needing to change bandages.
MAGE: Ddude! Wht hapenedd?
PALADIN: Accidentally got shot on firing range.

Silence. Eventually-

ME: What calibre?
ROGUE: Kome Onn! !!!!I kned to klll mansters! !!!Neerly 27th lvl now!!!!!
PALADIN: Yeah, I'm good.

Characters charge into battle. Much fun is had, and much treasure gained. Later, sitting amongst the fallen and dividing the spoils-

PALADIN: Guys, gotta take more painkillers. Feeling weird now.
MAGE: Ddude, yo sure yoo OK?
PALADIN: Yeah. brb

PALADIN goes still again.

MAGE: May be he should goto hospital.
ME: Mmmmm. Although...
MAGE: What?
ME: Well, we do need a paladin.
ROGUE: PADLINS ROCK!!! They can tottly resurect from ded!
MAGE: And we got that big end of level bit coming up... Is 9mm bad?
ME: .44 is worse.

PALADIN: Back now.
MAGE: Sure yoore okay?
PALADIN: Think so.
ME: I suppose you could always see how you feel- ohmigodheretheycome!

Much fighting. Eventually we win.

PALADIN: Ok guys, I have to go to hospital now.
ME: OK, thanks though.
MAGE: Yeah, couldnt of done it with three of us.

PALADIN exits game.

ME: That was fun.


cello said...

I understand now whay you love 'Spaced'.

James Henry said...

Dear God, I miss it so. I was watching one of the vids last night, and apart from being shocked at how young they all seemed, I was still spotting jokes I had completely missed even on the seventh or eighth viewing...

patroclus said...

Oh man, Spaced was just about the best thing ever (STANDARD DISCLAIMER: apart from GW, of course).

"Jar-Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like f**king Shaft!" Genius.

James Henry said...

Spaced is better than Green Wing. No question. Although they're very different shows, so maybe it's not a fair comparison.

But basically, and without any false modesty, Spaced is waaaaay better.

cello said...

It's just different. Certainly a more perfect expression of its vision than GW. But that's because GW's ambition is VAAAAAAST!

James Henry said...

I think the reason I (and mebbe Patch) like Spaced so much is that it's the first time it really felt like someone the same age as me, who liked similar music and the same books and comics and that, had been given control of some scripts and a camera, and they really really didn't mess it up.

Vic's ambition for GW is certainly VAAAAAAAAST. Mine's quite small. But I like filling in the gaps for her.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, spaced is just a classic. Me and some comrads once had a spaced marathon and didn't move for 7 hours. Painful, but well worth it. Sometimes it's fun to do a 'tyres' at the zebra crossing (but not according to the highway code, I'm sure)

GW is spaced's older more ambitious brother. With doctors.

cello said...

Don't get me wrong. I adore Spaced. It's the chunky Kit-Kat of comedies. Black Books is the Crunchie. Whereas GW is the creme brulee.(Patroclus, please help me to do accents sometime. Divine, but quite tricky to get spot on.

James Henry said...

Maybe it's because there's another version of GW in my head. Not necessarily better, but you tend to judge stuff you've had a hand in rather differently. Fretting about bits that could have been better for example, rather than being able to see something apparently fully-formed, which is the way I saw Spaced.

Didn't want to sound like I was dissing teh Wing, just a measure of how much I rated the writing/direction/acting of Spaced that I put it even above m'own show. I'm going to stop sucking up to the Spaced people now, but it's how I feel.

I'm feeling quite focused about stuff today. It won't last.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could choose between Spaced and Black Books and GW...
*short pause*
OK Green Wing. 'Heart' the other two very much though.

We actually tried a Green Wing marathon, forgetting to take into account that the nine very long episodes meant we did have to have a sleep in the middle...

Anonymous said...

If you put something of youself into something, you can never fully appreciate it as a whole.

Or something like that.

cello: chunky kit-kat of comedy- that's exactly what it is!

patroclus said...

Lesson One (of one) in the how-to-do-accents masterclass: Alt Gr + "e" for é. That's as much as I know...

patroclus said...

Unless you meant Geordie, in which case: "dorz it sey nor smorking?"

Abaculus said...

I agree about the very specific relevance of Spaced - my friends and I got into it about three months after moving to London in our early twenties, surrounded by comics and videogame controllers and obscure films, and it all made perfect sense.

Even better, take someone who loves Spaced but has never seen Star Wars, show them the trilogy and watch the wonderful realisation dawn upon their face time after time after time...

James Henry said...

I love the idea that there are people out there for whom the Star Wars films are a series of beautifully-constructed references to Spaced...

Anonymous said...

oh gosh space totally rules and black books rocks my socks though i think that may be due to the specifics of the show but green wing my gosh i love teh wing! but they are all so unique in their own ways they are too hard to compare and i couldn't decide what I like better!
but oh gosh i have played world of warcraft before it's hugely fun and addictive - i really want the LOTR online game though that looks AMAZING!!!

memories mysterious said...

hehehe I was trying to find a particular pet via google and I read this. It made me laugh. Is that bad?