Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More 'Cabinet of Curiosities' stuff

This like one of those 'unboxing' videos, where someone gets a new X-box or something, only TEN TIMES more exciting because it's MY BOOK (purchase details over on the right there). The actual unpacking was done by Bureauista only for it to be snatched from her hands by a young person of impeccable taste.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Penryn, WHERE I RESIDE has a motherflipping robot factory.

Engineered Arts, in Penryn, will supply one of its Robothespians to welcome visitors to the Kennedy Space Centre this autumn.

The £79,500 ($122,000) robot is being developed by the seven-strong team to converse with visitors to the Florida centre.

Nasa chose the 5ft 9in tall Robothespian after seeing it in operation at a trade show.

Wait, they're only 5ft 9in? I COULD TAKE THEM. Problem resolved.

In other news, Blue Kitten has a mahusive eppy yesterday in Caffe Nero, due to expecting a toffee muffin, but getting only a lemon muffin. I showed her pictures of starving children in Africa etc, to no avail. She is only two (her birthday today!)

Back in Caffe Nero today (this isn't product placement, I like their coffee a lot and the staff are really lovely) I apologised/explained the previous day's descent into the arena of the Yellbeast. Caffe Nero Manager's eyes opened wide.

CNM: You know they're stopping making the toffee muffins?

*plays 'Disaster!' song from Zingzillas*

(the above post is due to lack of sleep and oxygen to the brain from constant coughing)