Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Penryn, WHERE I RESIDE has a motherflipping robot factory.

Engineered Arts, in Penryn, will supply one of its Robothespians to welcome visitors to the Kennedy Space Centre this autumn.

The £79,500 ($122,000) robot is being developed by the seven-strong team to converse with visitors to the Florida centre.

Nasa chose the 5ft 9in tall Robothespian after seeing it in operation at a trade show.

Wait, they're only 5ft 9in? I COULD TAKE THEM. Problem resolved.

In other news, Blue Kitten has a mahusive eppy yesterday in Caffe Nero, due to expecting a toffee muffin, but getting only a lemon muffin. I showed her pictures of starving children in Africa etc, to no avail. She is only two (her birthday today!)

Back in Caffe Nero today (this isn't product placement, I like their coffee a lot and the staff are really lovely) I apologised/explained the previous day's descent into the arena of the Yellbeast. Caffe Nero Manager's eyes opened wide.

CNM: You know they're stopping making the toffee muffins?

*plays 'Disaster!' song from Zingzillas*

(the above post is due to lack of sleep and oxygen to the brain from constant coughing)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Blue Kitten! Is somebody making her a toffee cake, eh? Well ARE THEY?

Elfling is about to hit the 18mth mark. She's starting to experiment with tantrums. I'd better not introduce her to toffee muffins.

Also a Nero fan btw. Chai latte mmmmmm.

patroclus said...

I wish I'd known about the robot factory when I was livetweeting the Penryn supermarket zeppelin wars. Steampunk to the max, as Neal Stephenson probably never said.

Jayne said...

Wait, they're only 5ft 9in? I COULD TAKE THEM. Problem resolved.

Excuse me while I dust myself down after falling on the floor laughing.

Now, onto the toffee muffin crisis. Tchibo do a rather nice banana and toffee muffin if there's one of those. But, in the likely event that there's not then Patroclus may have to bring her supreme baking skills into play otherwise the Six Six Six Death Death Death outbursts are going to become the norm...

Valerie said...

You're *still* coughing? Defective human. Better order a robot body to transfer your brain into...

Really enjoying Cabinet of Curiosities, apropos of nothing.

Valerie said...

Toffee muffins sound like they'd be so sweet that they should really be illegal. But I can't blame Blue Kitten for complaining about lemon. Not really in the same league, is it?

James Henry said...

They *are* a bit sweet really, so it's probably for the best. Glad you're liking the Cabinet!

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Do the robots speak with a Cornish accent? Please let it be so.

"Welcome to Nasa my lurvver"

I want them to speak with my Granny's voice.

Anonymous said...

I'm just loving that they use a Flight of the Conchords bit to show them speaking, hee hee!
And congrats on the new baby :o)

Boz said...

Send the robots to March on the Caffe Nero muffin factory!