Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Hey Duggee'

A thing I wrote some episodes for (as did some other types, but this my blog not theirs) is coming out first thing in 2015 on CBeebies and there's a website up and everything, so please go and take a sneaky peek. Go and look at the trailer, it's great!

It's called 'Hey Duggee', and the man behind it, Grant Orchard, has been sweating LITERALLY BLOOD over it, as has the rest of the team, but who cares about that, more interestingly it's a gorgeous-looking thing, here's a pic below from one of my episodes called 'Paddling Pool':

So if you didn't click on the trailer for some unfathomable reason, imagine the above image moving around a bit and narrated by Alexander Armstrong, who needs the work frankly.