Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Good Cause

The Mighty Evans (she of the Victorian-style heckling and blog/GW crossover fame) is doing a charity walk for the British Heart Foundation here. The only reason my name's not up there is because I will be handing over brown-envelope-style cash in a dodgy pub tonight. Others would probably prefer to use the interweb paying mechanism provided. Go to it, o webchums and tonight you will sleep the sleep of the just. And although I can exclusively reveal that there is not, in fact, a heaven*, you can be assured that you will have performed a good and kind act for its own sake - a much better deal all round.

*I'll stop the anti-religious stuff soon, I'm just having a phase.

NB: An excellent point by Ruth below in that I should have said where the Mighty Evans is walking to. She's walking along Hadrian's Wall (presumably with her arms outstretched, wobbling humorously and saying 'oooooh, I'm going to fall off.....') , with her friend Stace, who used to work in Canterbury Waterstone's as well. Not the whole of the wall, but a goodly chunk of it. Evans, feel free to add further details...


Ruth said...

Hi. That's a fabulous effort - almost as staggeringly wonderful as the BAFTA itself - but I haven't been able to establish from your link what this walk involves, i.e. date, length, timings, generally delicious worthiness. Not doubting the value for a second - but wondering how it can be developed. Any further information you can impart?

cello said...

Yes, we need more anti-religion sentiment in the world, especially from palpably humane and decent people who cry at the end of Casanova. We're far too sensitive to religious people's feelings, but they don't seem to care about offending us.