Monday, April 11, 2005

Free (and very good) music

So this bloke called osymyso who done music for Shaun of the Dead (and possibly Spaced as well, not sure) is putting up his new album, or a version of it anyway, up at this bit, with Simon Pegg doing a bit of percussion, apparently. I loved the earlier bits of this (particularly 'It's all about fun, right?') as well as some other stuff on the site like 'Fiver to Bigwig' which is funny, but also oddly moving. But funny.

He also did a thing called (something like) updownupdownleftright, which had bits of various things from computer game soundtracks, some of them being orchestral versions, which I had on my old computer but it died and I lost the track, which was a shame, so if anyone knows where I can find it again (can't see it on the site) can they let me know?

I fell asleep earlier today, lying in the sunshine* reading Noggin the Nog (research for the Viking Heist film, best job in the world etc) listening to Sigur Ros playing stuff about Odin. By rights I should have dreamt about snow, and Nordic chess pieces (Noggin was based on an old chess piece you can see, I think, at the British Museum) and wolves and that, but I don't remember dreaming at all. What a waste of an hour. But then I didn't go into the street and start a fight, or play thumping bass music, or wear a baseball cap, so really the world should be grateful for my restraint. Harrumph.

* Obviously I only worked on the Viking Heist Movie after I'd spent all morning writing some frankly very funny stuff for Green Wing, including a marvellous scene where Guy - well, I've said too much already. Great stuff though. Just in case Rob's reading...


Lizzy said...

Since when is 'where Guy' too much info? We need juice, man! ;-P

James Henry said...

Oh it's fabulous stuff. Guy, right, has to - *wipes tears of mirth from eyes* - ooh it's good.

Actually, Stephen's a very talented improviser, so nowadays I just write *Steve does something funny here* and leave it up to him. He really earns his money, you know.

Anonymous said...

I think osymyso did so the music for Spaced, at the very least he did the title menu music for the DVDs and the 'Spaced Jam' thing.

Don't tease us. We need Green Wing.

belladona said...

Green Wing, eh? Hmmm... so funny it can't possibly be read by anyone, perhaps?
I had a small fight with foam swords, so my day wasn't totally wasted on work either. They wouldn't let me borrow the real one in the indentification box... They have no sense of fun.

belladona said...

Why would anyone come in to have a sword identified anyway? What am I going to say it is - an aardvark? My personal favourite though was the lonely but haughty old lady who brought in a leaf for identification. Just one ordinary shaped leaf.
Anyway, I'll go now.

Anonymous said...

Green Wing on the front page of the online Torygraph! and a link to go and vote for GW in the Baftas.

Anonymous said...

Is it the 'win tickets to the Baftas' article or somewhere else too?

Anonymous said...

so, you write stuff for Green Wing - does that mean you just sit at home at your desk and send them stuff, - or (*gasp*) are you actually there when they're shooting.....?
and also, did you come up with the "squirrel" or any of the other brilliant sue white things?

James Henry said...

Back from sleeper, v. tired, but a few quick (and mosty unsatisfying) answers.

No firm date for GW2 yet - also hard to say because C4 schedulers can't let the cat out of the bag as if it's opposite the wrong thing, the precious ratings can be affected.

I did a few things for Sue White, but the taking credit for scenes thing is a dangerous game - as often the actors add marvellous things you never would have thought of, and the line is mostly blurred by rewrites from the other writers and so on. Let's assume I wrote one-eighth of the SW funny stuff - although much of the visual gags and general weirdness came from Michelle herself - we decided to just give her lines and let her deliver them any way she wanted.

That said I take full credit for the crossbow bit, but I can't remember whether the false beard was a later addition or not. What I can't take credit for is the brilliant timing by both Tamsin and Michelle, the way it was shot, the editing and all the other stuff - which is why taking credit is a bit of a mug's game in the long run...

And finally I mostly write from home, but come up to London to workshop stuff with the actors, who are very funny and don't mind reading five crap lines so we know which bits to cut, and which bits to keep.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your answers, and also - may i say - writing the crossbow/beard or indeed any of the sue scenes does make you a bit of a hero to me.

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