Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I think it was a King Charles spaniel.

Just looked at this site in Explorer rather than Safari, and understood what Igo was saying - just when I thought I had become an HTML genius. D'oh. I may even put the toy-fu thing on a different site, as it's already overwhelming the blog somewhat. Or I may not. My ways today are whimsical and capricious.

I had one of those slightly cheesy film moments upon leaving my hotel this morning, as I stepped out of the sunshine, put my sunglasses on and neatly tapped a stray football back to some foreign students having a pleasingly gentle kickabout on the pavement. I was fully expecting to be hit by a falling piano shortly therafter, or to be crapped on by a pigeon, but nothing yet.

I had another one of those last month back home, when a rather cute, I believe the term is 'honey', managed to entangle her puppy's lead around my legs while I was window browsing, leading to flashing smiles and apologies all-round. The only element preventing this being the opening scene of a romantic comedy was the fact that my best mate Sass was with me, and we were standing close enough together to look like a couple. So I pushed her down some steps, which rescued the scene somewhat, but we never got as far as swapping phone numbers, sadly. It did occur to me later that this could be some kind of Victorian-style pickpocketing ploy, and that she might come from a whole family of 'tanglers', but my library card was safe and sound. Or maybe she didn't have the heart to see it through, and my graceful acceptance of her poor doghandling skills rescued her forever from a life of crime.

Attending rehearsals last night, I was pleased to note that 'I came all the way from Cornwall for this' has now become a stock phrase for when a scene falls slightly flat. We discussed having the motto carved on my tombstone, but it would of course mean I would have to be buried outside Cornwall for it to make sense, and I had to travel enough when I was alive, frankly.


Evans said...

My most celebrity moment last Thursday (before meeting THE James Henry for a drink) revolved around a the-bloke-from-Status-Quo-who-isn't-Francis-Rossi-who-I-now-remember-is-Rick-Parfitt/giant-dog-with-horse-brasses-on-it's-collar interface. The part of greatest note in my canine entanglement episode is how the hell I missed the thing. It was the size of China! Rock stars and their dogs. Pah! Not on my walk to work thank you.

BiScUiTs said...

Oooh, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
My 'celebrity moment' was the time I saw the back of Bobby Davro's head at Poole Park. Wow. This amazing moment was later topped when I saw the side of Sally Taylor's (South Today presenter) head, also in Poole Park. Double wow.

Maus said...

Dear James,

This is my favourite of all your blog entries so far, including the cartoons.

Leila x