Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Toy-Fu 3 - Lightsabers


Andrew said...

I have some burning questions that must be answered! Ahem:

Is that creature on the left made from plasticene?

And which transformer is that? My guess is Jazz, but my transformer-fu is well outdated.

James Henry said...

1. Yes, and 2. yes. Mostly.

Basically this is toy-fu V.2 - the first version speech bubbles that were too small, and characters who were already trademarked, so the newer version has characters who are either homemade or converted versions of various different toys, which hopefully leaves me less open to being sued. Blue Robot is mostly Jazz, but has bits of a Gundam robot, as well as other things.

It's based on a home-brew RPG I used to run in Canterbury with friends from the bookshop. It was much fun.