Sunday, November 12, 2006

I flee abroad.

Rob and Ori (and Fay) have convinced me that the only way to escape the hordes of autograph-hunters following our every move is to go and do some post-Green Wing development work with them in the Balearic islands for a week. That sentence started off silly, but the second half is true.

That said, the airport we're flying in to is apparently the number one place for CIA secret renditions, so if I don't come back, can someone tell my mum I was right about Rob the whole time, and it was all a trap after all. However if I do see some big men in dark suits hustling someone with a bag over his head into a waiting van, I shall attempt to enforce international law by shouting 'stop, you cunts' and being shot. So that's my plan for the week.

In other news: two of the three things I've been waiting to hear back on (Cornish Teen thing and Superhero movie thing) have just done jolly well, although intensive contract negotiations are being made, so I can't murmur anything other than a quiet 'woo hoo'. The third slot on the fruit machine (the blogcom thing, don't worry, it's won't be called that) is still spinning, but if that comes up with a big pound sign as well, I might go mad and treat myself to a lager shandy top and a bit of a lie-down.

In the meantime why not look at some of the other blogs on the list to the right? Or catch up on the blue cat backstory with some of the posts from when it wasn't the sickening stream of self-congratulation and hair anecdotes it is today:

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Dave said...

After the Dr Who/Green Wing crossover, it must have slipped your mind to mention the Green Wing/Blue Cat/Archers/Real Life link.

Anonymous said...

"some post-Green Wing development work"
what's that?
do tell.

Anonymous said...

The Green Wing cocktail is wrong.
Creme de menthe and red bull surely. (yummers/boke depending on your preference)

Rose said...

Ooooh, "Previously on Bluecat"...

My favourite was always the tale of the shrew. Also, this one, which I may have stolen and paraphrased and turned into a dreadful piece of writing that does no justice whatsoever to the original.

Anonymous said...

Green wing is a work of genius.

and you are that genius. Thank you.

Spinsterella said...

Creme de menthe and red bull Realdoc??



Anonymous said...

Oi you can't dangle the words "some post-Green Wing development work" and then disappear off on a plane to some posh place in the sun. *Goes into a big sulk*

Congratulations on the negotiating front.

Anonymous said...

Could it be development for the reintegration-of-you-writing-folk-people back-into-society-through-the-medium-of pub-and-club-holidays, perchance? And not new stuff, as many of the 'anonymous' Manganettes think?

Or could it be book two, live from the Balearics?

I have to say; very, very well done on the project front. I can't wait to see the outcome(s).

Anonymous said...

does this imply a GW spin-off or what??? i'm confuzzeled as are we all on the GWFF - jame you really need to try and respond on there we would die for a comment or two from you on there!

Ros x

Anonymous said...

I was always concerned about what happened to the unnaturally intelligent slugs and their protest march.

James Henry said...

I'm not allowed to say what we're working on, I'm afraid, but OMG IT'S SO EXCITING. Ish.

In other news, date for the GW special looks like it's going to be Jan 4th, but it may still change.

No more updates. Work now.

baggiebird said...

See James that's just cruel, your toying with our emotions now..OMG it's exciting.... that's just gonna have me thinking now

Anonymous said...

noooo i want details :( and 4th jan??? you make us wait ages and then just when you think it may be shown befroe christmas my dreams are once again shattered :( this means it will be even longer untill the dvd of it is out right <_<

i really don't like channel 4 right now

anyway, thanks for the info james - i can't wait to hear more about this new project of yours :)

Ros x

Anonymous said...

January 4th? If I'm working you'll have a LOT to answer for, James.

I'm really enjoying the presence of the GWFF. It's really brought the place up a notch or six.

But then, that could be my sarcasm, not the place.