Friday, November 17, 2006


- no Mark Heap or Stephen Mangan nominations in the British Comedy Awards this year. Not that the other actors aren't deserving (and Tamsin's up in the Best Female Actress category, naturally), but when you know how much both of them put into their performances, it's a real shame not to see this recognized. Ah well, and hey ho. Still, if you're reading this and you're near anyone who organises the British Comedy Awards, please subject them to a Hard Stare.

UPDATE: actually that's a ridiculous thing to say - of course it's recognised, otherwise there wouldn't be one squillion people turning up to have DVDs and books signed and then going 'squeeeee' on the internet. And I can inform those people that the actors quietly go 'squeeee' as well afterwards in the pub. Ignore me, I am a twunt.

In other news, the Loud American Producer one of our number brought with us asked if he could make a guest post on this humble blog, which I was quite up for until I found him staring at Youtube, shouting things like 'Hey you guys, you wanna see a man die?'. Anyway, he left very early this morning, possibly because Fay and Ori kept shouting things like 'Go away, we hate you'. He took it all in good heart however, and as we all know, producers don't have feelings like normal people.

He did find this though, from a US show called Reno 911, which I had seen ages ago, but not all the way through:

Also, ooh, French Steampunk Illustrations.


Jack Spanners said...

Several months ago I said elsewhere on the internet that Mark Heap's performance was approaching genius and I stick by that. Still, at least there isn't the usual Little Britain bias going on.

patroclus said...

Wow, those illustrations are brilliant. If a bit scary.

cello said...

The loud American producer was straight out of central casting (though nice enough). Be honest; you'd have been diappointed if he'd been all cerebral and reticent.

Anonymous said...

Reno 911 is great, I wish I still had cable! Argggg

Anonymous said...

What is it with Little Britain and awards? I don't get it or rather I do get it but it's not very good, no heart.

James Henry said...

Mm, there's a definite lack of compassion in comedy at the moment, a trend I hope is soon to pass. Everyone seems intent on copying the Fast Show repeated catchphrase thing without stopping to consider that maybe it was the depth of character (and performance) that made it work...

Marsha Klein said...

A good point well made, if I may say so. The Fast Show was a sketch show which more than bears repeated viewing. Most of its successors don't even stand close examination.

Hmm, may have overdone the pomposity a tad there.

Hope you're having a lovely time (in between working)

Anonymous said...

it's nice to hear that people I've squeeeeed about repeatedly - to myself, with friends, on internet forums, if not at signings - are flattered by all of the squeeeing that's coming their way.

but still, those nominations would have been very nice and completely deserved.

Anonymous said...

Was disgusted by comparative absence of Green Wing and Green Wing actors from British Comedy Awards in favour of shows I regard much less highly (spit, spit). If I knew a BCA member, they'd be getting more than a hard stare.
Will be voting and encouraging others to vote for Tamsin and "People's Choice" sections (being overly modest there James, "Green Wing" is up for an award). And yes, I loved "The Fast Show" too, particularly Ted and Ralph and "This week I will mostly..." (Jesse?) Its nice to know that the actors (and hopefully the writers) enjoy the turnout at signings, we certainly appreciate them making the time to be there.

Anonymous said...

No Mangan nomination is unnatural, perverse and wrong.

Rose said...

I'm quite confused by many nominations. Is Charlotte Church a comedy performer? Not much chance of Paul Merton beating Ant and Dec* but I can live in hope. And in the absence of Mangan I really really hope Stephen Merchant gets best actor. His is probably the only nomination I'm properly thrilled about. Bet Gervais gets it, though.

*I meant in the judges voting, but 'with a stick' works nicely, too.

Anonymous said...

Squeeing works both ways! Who knew? :D (as b4 mentioned, hope the writers enjoy the squeeing too!)
On the plus side, at least Confetti got a mention and GW is nominated .. still, lack of Heap, Haywood, Mangan, Theobald, Gomez and Chris annoys me quite a lot!
You guys should get more recognition for what you do! You're amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I was extremely dissapointed when I read the nominations.

If Tamsin Greig doesnt win the award I will lose all faith in anything bright and good in this world.

And I think Mark Heap and Stephen Mangan deserve the award a hell of a lot more than those who were nominated.

And I have the most horrible feeling that Little Britain will win the people's choice award. I really don't see why people find it so funny! It annoys the crap out of me!! Saying that, I probably won't vote due to a lack of funds. But I think we can all sit quite comfortably knowing that GW is the best comedy and that everyone who doesn't think so is just too lame to appreciate it and therefore, we are better than them.

Anonymous said...

well the comedy awards always go to the wrong people IMO but hopefully this year will change and will be fantastic and tamsin deserves to win best female comedian actress and GW deserves to win as does confetti - thay all rule

but no mangan or heap *cries* that's not good :(
stupid evil comedy awards <_<

Ros x (LCG)

Anonymous said...

How can neither Stepehn or Mark not get nominated? Actually, I'd love to see every member of the GW cast up for something (as, you know, wow), but those two are amazing. At least Tamsin's nomitated. If nothing GW-related wins, people are going to be hit in the f*cking face with a big wooden clog (courtesy of moi).
It's nice to know that the actors indulge in some squeeing too. You know, maybe they should come and hang out with us scary fans and we can all squee together? Now that would be fun.
Verity (littlered)
(Ros, should I be worried that I know exactly what LCG stands for? It makes me feel like your stalker.)