Saturday, November 25, 2006

Uneasy Listening (now with lots of updates and a youtube bit)

UPDATE: 'The Crow' not by AIM at all, but by DJ Food, which explains why I couldn't find it on the album. D'oh! (and thanks Orb).

This time round, I did catch Howard Goodall's programme, which was on rhythm, and was excellent, and inspired me to finally do that podcast of all rhythmically-weird stuff I've been meaning to put up for ages.

Bluecat Podcast 1: Eargasm

At least it starts all rhythmically-weird, but if you stick with it, you'll find it goes through some increasingly odd but rather glorious mashup things, then a breakbeat piece that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time I hear it, and ends with a Radiohead cover of such perfectly icy beauty as to be almost glacial.

I'll do a proper track listing later, but I quite like listening to these things without really knowing what's coming up next, so I think you should too.

In other news, I've been frantically catching up on 'Dexter', the US Showtime series about a likeable crime scene blood spatter analyst who in his spare time is... a serial killer (who only kills other serial killers). It's quite possibly the greatest television show I've ever seen (apart from episode three of Heroes). Muchos kudos to the mighty James Moran who put me onto it. Good work sir.


Righto, this is a bit vague I'm afraid, as some of these are audio files that have survived four different Apple Crumbles and have ended up with their serial numbers melted off in the process:

First bit of speedy-up hip hop weirdness was 'Long Vein of the Law', by Subtle (who also lark about as rap outfit Clouddead and the indier Why? (both highly recommended).

The three mashup things are:

The poj masta remix of 'Toxic', then that 50 Cent mashup by I don't know who, and then the only mashup to feature Sigur Ros's Starálfur (in there with Kanye West and Twista) of which I'm aware (this last by flosstradamus apparently).

Penultimate song is the achingly poignant 'The Crow', by Aim, although I can't tell you what album it's off, annoyingly.

And lastly, the cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' is by the Scala Choir. So:

1. Long Vein of the Law - Subtle
2. Toxic (poj masta remix)
3. 50 Cent in the Jungle
4. 'Overnight Star' by Flosstradamus/Sigur Ros/Kanye West/Twista
5. The Crow - (not Aim at all, but) DJ Food
6. Creep - Radiohead cover by Scala

Thought I'd keep this in the same post, but blimey charlie, this is ace:


patroclus said...

Oo, 50 Cent in the Jungle - not heard for ages, hurrah!

Anonymous said...

The Howard Goodall programme was excellent, especially the bits about Fats Waller's pianola, Cuba and the light display to illustrate the different beats. And the Bach at the end. It even made me slightly more tolerant of rap.

James Henry said...

Ah, now I fricken' love quite a lot of rap and/or hip hop - but not that crappy gangsta nonsense. The 50 cent/Jungle Book mashup does a pretty good job of pointing out that yer man fifty pence is pretty much a glorified children's entertainer, I think.

But yes, HG is rather marvellous, and well done Channel 4 for putting on something interesting and openly educational on a Saturday night.

Valerie Polichar said...

Re: podcast. Wow. Like all, last three probably the best. The Radiohead cover is both incredibly lovely and deeply disturbing, perhaps somewhat in the way "The Wall" was when it first came out.

You must post the track list so I can go spend more money on CDs!

James Henry said...

Glad you like it Valerie - I'll try and put the list up at the end of the day.

James Henry said...

Also, anyone looking for the cover of Creep on its own could do worse than wander over here.

Anonymous said...

i cant get it to work, how annoying

James Henry said...

Oh bugger, it's been taken down, sorry.

Anonymous said...

That's rather clever isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's still there, you just need to download it to your hard drive first.

Right click on the link, then 'save target as' - save the file to the desktop. Once it's downloaded rename the file - change the extension from mp3 to m4a, so the file name becomes 'eargasm.m4a'

It will now play if you double click on it. Mine played via Real Audio player, the Windows player didn't like it.

Nice music James, especially the Aim track. Any more from him?

James Henry said...

Handy tech advice there Tony, thanks.

I'm reluctant to put more than one track up by the same artist (particularly when they're quite obscure, and every CD sale counts), so I would point you towards Hinterland, even if just for the one track called 'Vipco', which is fricken' amazing. There's another track called 'Demonique', which I think is on Cold Water Music, which is again, worth the purchase of the CD for that one track alone.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have now officially been in the same programme as Howard Goodall.

He was on Songs of Praise with my choir. Have you ever heard his 'Love Divine'? It's utterly beautiful... I'll upload it once I've ripped us off the DVD I just recorded.

How cool am I?

Anonymous said...

There's the link. :-)

Annie said...

Hello. I tried to listen but got an 'illegal operation' message and Firefox shut down - clearly the eargasm was giving it an illegal amount of pleasure and it just couldn't handle it...

Anonymous said...

Lovely Jen :) I think I spotted you!

Tim F said...

Scala should be utterly naff, but they're brilliant. I rhapsodise about their version of 'Exit Music (For A Film)' in my new Radiohead book (now available to preorder on Amazon, per-LUG).

Valerie Polichar said...

Ooh, Tim, so you're the one who wrote the Radiohead book. I have it on my wish list, so it will be mine... looking forward to it.

James: great choices. Sigur Ros, that figures. Love them. Hmm, and I have a couple of Aim cuts on various sampler albums, looks like I need to go shopping. Is Flosstradamus a great name or what? And Toxic benefited greatly from the remix..

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that dude in the youtube video lives in Larvik in Norway. I'm supposed to be going on a day trip there with my wacky uncle in a couple of weeks. Wonder if I can find him?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! That Creep cover is acutally giving me real goosebumps all over. Am I turning into someone who'd buy CDs by teenage voice ensembles with "Angel" in their names?
Shit, I feel like I'm about to blub!

Anonymous said...

I very much like the Aim track. And Fiddy in da Jungle, obviously. It's probably impossible not to like that song.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, just saw mallorca photos on oriane's blog.
is that "new boy gary" on the left side at the team meal? he's quite pretty, isn't he?

how come you get new people to join you now that you're not even doing the green wingery any more?

Fat Roland said...

I can't get an eargasm; my computer doesn't like the file. Done what Tony suggested etc etc.

Still, love the 'Amateur' video. I'm going to download the audio at play it in my next DJ set.

James Henry said...

Damn, sorry FR. And yes, apart from the visuals on Amateur, the song itself is cracking, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This might be the most delayed comment ever in the world ever.

But I finally got Eargasm onto my iPod last night and listened to it while walking to work. Top hole, sir! Scala choir coming on just as I walked across the Tyne Bridge was marvellously spooky and epic.

But I wanted to let you know that "The Crow" is not by Aim - to be honest, great though Aim is, he's not quite *that* good. It's by DJ Food, and it's off their "Kaleidoscope" album, which is actually all just as good as this track. Scary and beautiful and highly recommended.

And if you like that, you'll, like, totally flip your bits for the album "Every Day" by Cinematic Orchestra...