Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dan Bull: Letter to Lily Allen

This is AWESOME:

From: b3ta


Hannah said...

Oh my god...that really IS awesome! And even makes a semi-valid point as well as being amazing!

Thanks, I needed something to cheer me up today.

Vicus Scurra said...

That was very entertaining.
I need to make clear that I have heard of Lily Allen, as she attends cricket matches, but I don't know any of her music, and have no interest in the debate about downloading/filesharing, just in case anyone thought, even for a microsecond, that I was being cool.

Jayne said...

What Hannah said!

rue said...

Damn that Dan Bull - it's catchy, coherent and clever, makes exactly the point I'd wanted to make myself when I read Lily's silly little blog (but gave up, because I lacked the ability to do it anywhere near as succinctly) AND he had the wit to throw some shameless self-promotion in by sticking his name in the chorus. Love the dig at Muse too. All round awesome.