Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'I've come t' fix thy oven'

According to a letter from the Authors Licencing and Collection Service, I've been paid £8.30 for a script I wrote called 'Raging Muck'.

I spend some time trying to recall writing an angry, kitchen sink type Northern grumble flick, before I realize the printing's a bit blurred, and it's actually for a Bob The Builder episode called 'Racing Muck'. Which now now I think of it, sounds even ruder.

It does remind me of this though, which I was delighted to find on YouTube:

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spacemonkey said...

I *heart* the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society. Resisted joining for ages cos they CHARGE YOU 25 ENGLISH POUNDS, THE BLAGGARDS! but it turned out they had over a grand waiting for me. This was for two poxy half hours which probably never got shown again, but which the lovely Republic of Ireland seem to like repeating.

Let me plug *your* Licensing and Collecting Society on James's blog! Simply wire African dollars to shillingisthrilling@hotmail.com.