Friday, September 18, 2009

"Can Women Have It All In Comedy?"

Ori wasn't sure, but Richard and I knew, because we are Men and therefore Aces, so we helped her with this article, and took out all the stuff about kittens and knitting and that sort of thing, so it would be accepted, then we sent her back in the kitchen etc and so on.

"Oriane Messina was a main writer on the BAFTA award winning television programmes Green Wing and Smack the Pony. Here she tries to understand why so few female writers are working in comedy."

main article


Tim F said...

You forgot to tell her to flash her boobies in the photo.

Newf said...

Now that I've managed to inch into the meagre beginnings of scriptwriting, the answer to that article's question can be found in aaaaall my rejection letters. "Are you insane?! You're a girl, lol".

PS. Katy Brand is not good. She wouldn't even be good if her name was Kevin Brand.
And I don't know why it has to be "women doing comedy, yay" or "men doing comedy, fine", rather than "men and women doing comedy", which carves diamonds like 'Green Wing' (of course), AND HOW ABOUT 'SPACED'.