Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some blog links

I thought I'd put a link up to the brilliant Lucy Pepper's blog ages, but I hadn't apparently. So I have amended that.

Some gaming blogs:


and the excellently-titled:

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

A couple of good film industry gossip type blogs that are well worth keeping an eye on if your idea of an 'OMG celebrity' is Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer (and mine is), and you want to catch up on all the WAG WGA* strike stuff on an hour by hour basis (and I do, it's like Battlestar Galactica, and the producers are Cylons, which means they're all dressed like seventies porn stars and are very hard to kill, I'm meeting one later today so I can check this for myself).

deadline hollywood

And a reminder that Comfort Music is still throwing up some lovely little musical gems every now and then. Particularly recommend the Viva Voce if you've never tried it before sir or madam.

* D'oh


patroclus said...

What does a WAG strike entail? Sitting indoors wearing tracksuits and watching telly, instead of sashaying conspicuously out of swanky hotels wearing stupid sunglasses and dresses made of ribbons?

James Henry said...

I ASSUMED everyone would know it stands for 'Writers' Guild of America'.

So 'yes' probably.

Lucy P said...

thanks jamesbluecat. m-wah. m-wah. m-WAH.

Anonymous said...

Technical point really, but you seem quite blasé about this hazily grey moral area: how exactly do you intend to check how difficult they are to kill? And what if the rumours prove untrue, and actually, due to the copious amount of time they spend sitting around smoking cigars and getting fat off the writers' money and therefore getting CANCER (yes, I've been reading the BBC news again) they're actually pretty easy to finish off, and you end up in a room full of prostrate Ron Jeremy?

Oooh, horrible image. Would there be music too, do you think?

Oli said...

Sorry to blog-jack, but I know you're a fan of Joss Whedon and webcomics, and thought there's a chance you'd get just as excited as I did about this.

James Henry said...

I just realised what Patch meant. I'm such an idiot.

Ooh, that Joss W thing is quite exciting, ta Oli.

The producer was very nice, and no murder attempts were made in the end.

patroclus said...

I actually find it quite heartening that you didn't know what I meant.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the interview with the writer of Portal on that there games blog