Monday, November 05, 2007

Ooh, they're showing the 'Helvetica' movie.

I'll be talking at the Cornwall Film Festival on Friday if anyone's around.

My bit's on the Friday, 'From TV to Film', 1.30 to 3.00 at Tremough Cinema (the Penryn campus), where apparently I will be talking about "recent developments in team writing, and how he made the transition from TV to Screen. His first screenplay, Hero Trip, has been developed with funding from the UK Film Council. James talks about how he made it happen".

How did I make it happen? Hopefully I'll remember before Friday.

Lots of other fun and useful stuff, including some animation workshops. Falmouth School of Art now has a three year digital animation course, which is quite exciting. The idea of a Cornwall-based animation studio (something I've fantasized about for years, particularly if it could be built over the ashes of the electronics factory that took two years of my life) is becoming a not-entirely-unworkeable idea.


Dan said...

Ooh! Ooh! And they could call it "Corny Cartoons"! Maybe.

Jurie said...

>>particularly if it could be built over the ashes of the electronics factory that took two years of my life<<

Wouldn't that be about as smart as building it on an Indian burial ground? Or maybe a Druidic burial ground in this case. Surely the vengeful ghosts of old transistor radios would come to haunt the PCs of the poor students. Cue joke about 3D materials becoming transparent etc.

Boz said...

You could just do a reading from the blog with a Q&A after... (always looking for ways to cut corners)

kaiki said...

some friends of mine have just finished working on the midnight drives which is also showing at this festival - i've only seen stills from the film but it looks fantastic, so if anyone can, please do go and see this.

once you've been to see james, obviously.

Sylvia said...

Re the Q&A - for goodness sake, do not take any questions from the fat woman in the green top like they did at the GW BFI event. It only spells disaster.

Good luck!