Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Amazing Song Gets Equally Amazing Video

'Revival' by Soulsavers

In other news: I hate British Telecom.


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't?

Sarah said...

Moving house makes you hate everyone phone or internet related. It's just one of those things. They could do it faster. They won't.

James Henry said...

I won't have broadband until the seventh of december, apparently.


James Henry said...

Oh wait, it's the fifth apparently.


Anonymous said...

Unlike that video. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I mean "the video is not rubbish", rather than "the video is not the fifth of December".

Just in case there was any lack of clarity there.

I'll go away now.

Boz said...

The 5th is my mum's birthday. Which is nice, but not relevant.


The best is when it doesn't work and you phone them and they say, basically, it's your fault that your internet isn't working and no we don't care that everything at your end is working fine. Frankly, broadband connection is a magically gift from the gods and if you haven't been a good boy all year then you don't deserve to talk to us, how dare you phone us up...

...and breath.

Anonymous said...

Virgin Media are really kind and charge you 25p a minute when you phone them up about their internet modem which doesn't want to work for you.

Although *coughs* they did waive the phone charge as they were actually having to send out an engineer to the house to look at the sick modem!

What's really amusing (not) is that the engineers (they obviously only come in pairs) arrived with the words "you just missed out" emblazoned on the side of their van which is great when you've watched them drive past your house, not once but twice, trying to find your address.

Fat Roland said...

Oh hello there, Sarah. You're that strange person I helped move house once.

Good song, I likes. It's going on my radio show playlist.

Broadband is overrated, although typing this comment did take less than -0.01 seconds.