Thursday, October 25, 2007

It wasn't even a D20.

I'm on the train back up to London, queueing at the buffet car. Taking out my wallet, I hear a vague rattling sound, but ignore it.

Seconds later:

YOUTH: Someone's dropped a dice!

ME: Oh, that's me.

He hands it back, and as thanks, I decide not to point out that it's a 'die' singular, not a 'dice', that's just stupid.

YOUTH: (suspicious) That's a weird thing to have in your pocket.

Now I happen to believe the contents of an English gentleman's pockets are his own business, and I don't much like the tone of his voice, but fair's fair, he did hand back my die.

ME: We've set up a high stakes gambling section in the first class bit.


ME: Yes, it's all getting rather tense, so I've popped out for tea.


Quite long pause. I realise this has backfired rather.

ME: Um, sorry, no, that was a joke. I'm just into roleplaying game stuff but most of my stuff's in Cornwall. I thought I'd bring some dice up with me this time.


ME: I suppose it could have been more embarrassing. It could have been a goblin.

He stares at me. I have quite literally blown his mind.

I take my coffee and head back to my seat. The youth's eyes bore into my back the whole way.


Sarah said...

There's nothing like admitting you do dungeons and dragons, or similar, to make your friends back away slowly, smiling carefully, never mind random strangers on trains.

I try to keep it a secret until someone has known me long enough to assume I'm normal.

James Henry said...

I didn't realise for years that 'I'm into roleplaying games' had a whole different set of inmplications.

Unknown said...

imp-lications ha ha ha ha.


Tim F said...

Do they still have "youths"? I thought you had to call them "young people" now. Like "African-Americans".

James Henry said...

Anyone under 29 is now a 'youth' as far as I'm concerned.

'Young people', however, covers up to 35, ie me until next April. I've decided.

Boz said...

You were even lying about the tea. You cad.

James Henry said...

Ooh well spotted. Actually I think I had hot chocolate.


Anonymous said...

What do you get called at 45!?

James Henry said...

Younger older people.