Monday, October 29, 2007

Has series 2 of Heroes picked up yet? I gave up after the second episode.

Over at the increasingly-brilliant Television Without Pity site, DC Comics editor Scott Nybakken talks about the increasing cross-pollenization between writing for comics and television, and the increasing trend for graphic novels to become thinly-disguised movie pitches, a la 30 Days Of Night.

Don't think I could handly a We3 movie though, what with the graphic novel making me blub uncontrollably.



Dan said...

Heroes 2 has been very disappointing. No strong direction and terrible decisions. I think they've made a conscious decision to spread the episodes across the season, as they had problems sustaining the oace last year. So, it could all come into sharp focus mid-season -- but people watched Heroes for the immediacy and thrills... and no evidence of that so far, sadly.

James Henry said...

Exactly, I was bored almost straight away. And dragging back various characters that were supposed to have made meaningful sacrifices last season has been very annoying, draining every bit of tension out of the show.

I'm keeping an eye out in case it picks up again - I thought the first few eps of Season One were dull as, but word of mouth on various forums made me give it another go, and I'm glad I did. In the meantime though, I'm sticking with Gossip Girl and Dexter (and what a crossover that would be).

JonnyB said...

I can report that it hasn't hit Norfolk yet.

James Henry said...

You have to seek these things out, Jonnyb. I, for example, was watching some of these things via the internet, from Cornwall!

My new Opera browser has a torrent tracker thing built in, which is quite handy. Unless it also dobs me in to the Television Police, which would be less so.

Oli said...

... and much like a pitch for a movie, 30 Days of Night has no frickin' second act. Setup, end. Where's the rest of the damn comic?

Anonymous said...

I'm up to episode 5 and, well, the glimmers are there, some enticing things have happened – I like the girl who learns quickly is quite nice, and Kirsten Bell has appeared which bodes well. I'd recommend watching Veronica Mars instead though.

Incidentally I am having trouble watching any kind of crime post-Dexter. I want them to just check the blood spatter, that'll sort it all out.

Lucy V said...

I'd pluck out my eyes before I'd watch another episode of Heroes or Lost. Really.

I got all excited then James thinking you'd linked to my blog, but it was some other Lucy. I am crying in the corner - but not before nicking your "ad free" link pic. So there. Next time you might not get off so easily, rmbr that.