Friday, October 12, 2007

Best computer game review ever.


Anonymous said...

All of his reviews are brilliant. I lol'd, as I believe the kids say.

James Henry said...

The timing is great on the little animation bits as well. I am impressed.

*is impressed*

Anonymous said...

Ohh just like the new Pokemon games which come out every year- the only difference being it's a brand new colour and apparently there are slightly different characters to catch! I don't want to count up how much we've spent on Pokemon games over the last 5 years - why did we only make boys!

I'm sure there was lego used in that amination *jumps up and down excitedly and looks to the Lego expert (that's you James) to confirm*

James Henry said...

*puts on Lego glasses*

I'm not sure. I'm off to Spain now, let me look again when I'm there. If they have wifi in the hotel, which they might not.