Friday, August 31, 2007


Don't know why this made me laugh so much - perhaps it's hysterical relief at the (for now) final draft of Hero Trip going off to the film council, but I came across this on a Secret Comedy Forum I hang around, and I had to ask the guy behind it if I could quote and link. Clone Army, he say 'yes'.

Clone Army says:

"My brother and I have a long-running game whereby we try and surreptitiously poke the face of our opponent without actually moving. This can be achieved by any means other than direct contact but the favourite is waiting for someone to turn their head then holding ones finger close the cheek until they turn back. This game has been going on for 2 years now and we are currently even. It is also hopelessly stupid and has confusing and largely intuited rules."

Video demonstration:

It might just be the mood I'm in. Yesterday I also bought a lego cargo lifter specifically to make a diorama in which a viking loads a crate of other vikings into my lego longship. I laughed for an hour, then realised I'd left my camera behind in London, and went into a massive sulk.

It's probably best I stay away from people for a bit (apart from Alex, who I'm meeting for a drink later, who understands the importance of small plastic bricks).


Dave said...

I'm not going to post a comment here today, as you'd probably say something terribly rude to me.

James Henry said...

I probably would.

Valerie said...

I realize it's hard to tell at the moment, but I actually am a small plastic brick.

Hence I think I am free to tell you that that video and the story behind it is hilarious. And may be so to anyone with siblings.

I've just been ordered by the doctor to use the computer for only "a few minutes a day," and to do silly things like stay in a dark room with an eyeshade on for a few days, so I hope you understand the sacrifice involved in my commenting here.

James Henry said...

Christ, I hope it was worth it.