Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

That does look really quite good. Also a bit sinister, which makes it gooderer. A worrying lack of Alan Alda impersonations in that trailer though.

UPDATE: Starts on BBC 2 this autumn in October. GW's very own Ori had a (small) hand in the writing apparently.

ALSO: ooh, ooh, I can do my story that the only sketch that Peter Serafinowicz did on Smack the Pony was one that I wrote, which was pretty much from life, which means I have been portrayed on screen by Darth Maul.

Think on't.

ANOTHERT UPDATE: an insider informs me that the Alan Alda impression will indeed be making an appearance, hurrah!


Anonymous said...

ooh yes. I really be wanting to watch that

Anonymous said...

looks nice... love the music. hope the BBC do this justice, and the ads kick in soon...

James Henry said...

Indeed, I hope it gets properly supported.

*worries a bit*

tracy said...

Yep I too am hoping for a good schedule slot and lots of hype.
I got see a few sketches filmed last week and absolutely loved it.
I don't want people to miss it like they did with Look Around You.

Lewis said...

Wow you guys are so lucky.You writing the sketch with him in it is insanly amazing. im a huge fan of peters and ive just started up the first ever fan site. Since you have inside knowledge id realy realy appreciate any heads up of news etc about Peter.