Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A True Story

If you happen to be in Turo sometime before April 26th and I see no reason why you wouldn't, there's a shipping container plonked down on Lemon Quay (the main open space where they have farmers' markets). In fact, there are fifteen shipping containers plonked down all over Cornwall, but the one in Truro is special, because it has a poster/short story combination by MEEEEEEE in it, as part of Cornwall Design Season put together by Rob Self-Pierson

Here below is what it looks like, although if you actually go inside the shipping container and point an iPhone style device at it, an actor will apparently read the words aloud to you, in words.

However, if you can't make it to Lemon Quay in Truro before the 26th April, you can read my contribution here It is a short story I wrote about a formative theatrical experience I SHALL SAY NO MORE.

Anyway, loads of time and effort has gone into making my, and all the other bits of writing look quite quite lovely. I like the way with my one, the designer tried to make sure the actual writing took up as little of the space as possible, filling the vast majority of the poster with a single quote mark, which I think is some sort of statement re: designers' feelings towards writers which are apparently comprised principally of hatred. This aside, it still looks nice.


Tim F said...

I once worked with a Glaswegian designer who seemed intent on making the text illegible (clearly taking tips from the Brody acolytes who did i-D, RayGun, etc).

I challenged him on his, and he just said "meaning is for cunts".

patroclus said...

Dorothy Sayers backs up Tim's Glaswegian chum thus:

"The great aim of the studio artist was to crowd the copy out of the advertisement and [...],conversely, the copywriter was a designing villain whose ambition was to cram the space with verbiage and leave no room for the sketch."

Boz said...

I like that. That's good, that.