Friday, June 11, 2010

Steven Moffat interview

Includes minor product placement. Also, hair. And a cat.

I do love the way kids always ask 'guiness book of records' type questions about writing. I heard an interview with Andy McNabb once, where the first question the child interviewer asked him was 'How many people have you killed?' Which, to be honest, is probably what we're all thinking.

I was once at a literary festival where Will Self was doing a Q&A, and complaining that people always asked him stupid questions like 'what's the longest word you've ever used'. When it came round to questions from the audience, my hand shot up and the microphone slowly came my way.

ME: So, what is the longest word you've ever used?
SELF: (sulkily) 'God'
ME: *rolls eyes*


Paul Campbell said...

Great cat!

Tim F said...

I still say he looks like McLaren from Porridge.

Anonymous said...


"The Cabinet of Curiosities" was the name of a horror/mystery novel years ago by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. It did very well. I hope yours does, too.

James Henry said...

I think there's another novel with that title coming out next as well, d'oh! Ah well. I hope mine does well too.

patroclus said...

So how many Will Self anecdotes *have* you got, exactly?