Friday, June 25, 2010

"it is important to keep one's owl comfortable"



How this came about then, first of all, Patroclus discovered that quite a lovely vintage boutique shop (these are the sort of words I use all the time) here in Falmouth called "Two Little Birds" is about to appear in a "Twenty Five Vintage Boutiques" list in the August edition of Vogue.

Which reminded me that I had bought this very cushion here as a present for Patroclus a month or so ago:

owl cushion

Oh yes, I frequently patronise vintage boutiques in Falmouth what are soon to feature in 'Top 25 Vintage Boutiques' lists in Vogue. Although if you are thinking the right button eye of the owl cushion is looking a bit wonky, this is because the Blue Kitten almost immediately pulled it off and I had to sew it back on myself, and I am by no means a reliable sewist.

Which led to a conversation on Twitter about owl cushions, culminating in this tweet here:

Then I woke up this morning to find AMAZINGLY that there people out there who like to illustrate random tweets, and they are called Irkafirka.

This is the sort of thing that makes me very happy.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

That is exactly the sort of thing that makes me love the interwebs.

James Henry said...

The interwebs is great. PROVED.

Anonymous said...

subtitle: why I blog

Ziggi(a cyber friend of your father in law) has a small lino print I made of an owl I used to have...
Yes, these connections are probably more effective than UN talk-fests.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! (And, what a very lovely cushion.)