Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yes it warrants caps. I'm currently re-reading the books (well, one to five), and have totally fallen in love with Bryan Lee O'Malley's world all over again. Supposedly the film diverges from the books at around volume three, which sounds sensible to me (I know Edgar Wright likes to consult this blog before each creative decision, it just saves time for everyone).


Chris Wright said...

Don't blame you for the caps, I did the same linking it on my facebook, and I've been pestering my local library to get them in, convinced them that with the film coming soon they'll be super-popular soon enough, not read them before myself though, but the trailer certainly shows Edgar Wright's having fun with it all, can't wait!

James Henry said...

I did like the opening 'it's another kooky romance' bit, and then BAM! HITTING IN THE FACE AND SWORDS!

Chris Wright said...

FLAMING sword, PIXELLATED sword, AdamWestBatman/Sound effect words!! Widescreenification just before KO is said.

(Just checked who the girl was at the end is who says 11 not 7 evil exes, and knew I recognised her from something, I'm going with that she was in Up in the Air, not that she was also in Twilight...)