Saturday, April 14, 2007

(Professional) Writers who blog

Miss-Cellany is doing some research for her (Professional Writing) MA, so if you're a (Professional) writer who blogs, pop over and leave a comment.

A useful one, not a rude one.

UPDATE: yes, of course all bloggers are writers. The 'Professional' in this case isn't attempting to divide the blogworld into cackhanded amateurs versus noble and dignified purveyors of the art like myself (the way a lot of journalists seem to think it ought to), I think MC is just looking into how blogging affects anyone who already has a primary income from writing.

I'm sure non-writers are more than welcome to comment, but you might want to put (non-professional writer) at the start or something just so the statistics don't get skewed.


Dave said...

Unless one just puts up pictures, or music links, are not all bloggers writers, in our own little way?

James Henry said...

An excellent point of course. I shall amend the post accordingly.

miss-cellany said...

Thankyou to both of you.

Dave - I agree totally with you. Would more than value your ideas, comments

James - your explanation of "Professional' is wonderfully eloquent, been writing duff versions of that 'definition' all week...