Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Apparently, if I rewrite the script sufficiently that it can work as a standalone, there's a strong possibility of option 2: a pilot being shot (not like that), to happen this summer.

How enormously exciting.

UPDATE: this idea was dropped almost immediately, when someone at the Beeb suddenly realised that if you shoot a teen pilot over a summer, you can't shoot the rest until the next year, which looks a bit odd, because then by episode two, all the actors have grown a foot/facial hair/breasts/whatever.


Robin Kelly said...

Sweet! Congrats.

James Henry said...

Thangyew. Note the use of the words 'if' and 'possibility' though.

It also means I have to do a bit more writing for no more money, which is MY LEAST FAVOURITE THING EVER.

(I'm not complaining, BBC Drama, I love you really).

Sylvia said...

Hmm. Is it better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

How about doing nothing and just sending the same script in again - would anyone notice?

Congrats, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Well I was going to say "hooray you're making some money" but then I saw your comment above!


"Hooray you might make some money soon"

Oh well, doesn't sound as good as the first option, but you can live in hope.

Valerie said...

Actually it sounds a bit more like "Hooray, if you work really hard you might get the opportunity to maybe make some money eventually!"

But on the other hand (on the gripping hand, as they say) ("they" being bad SF fans, I think. I'm not sure what show that's from) it is a far cry from 'chuck->bin'. This seems to me to be definitely a few steps up from a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Congratulations on your deft and nimble stick-avoidance.

James Henry said...

Ah now, I have been paid to write this script - the 'no more money' refers to the fact that I've already been paid an amount describeable as 'some'.

The rest of it should come through next week, I think. Expect some blog posts about hangovers and lego.

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh well done. (Can recommend the Exo-Force Mountain Climber btw, have been my son's first assistant on it today. Splendid bit of kit!)

God, have just realized, I can only ever contribute in the Lego comments. Sorry about that.

Boz said...

Jolly well done!

I would whore myself for BBC Drama in pretty much any sense of the word.

Do you get to go along and annoy everyone if the pilot does end up getting shot?

James Henry said...

Lucy - I might get the Mobile Defence Tank.

Boz - Nooooooooo, nobody wants a stinky writer hanging about, we just decide all the lines need to be changed at the last minute, and then get shouted at by directors.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and all that. Perhaps you can spend some of your HUGE fee buying lego for Steve and the other one to play with. I miss those guys...