Monday, February 25, 2013

'Nerds Assemble"

Many thanks to Emily and Paul (that's Emily on the right, that's me on the left, Paul took the photo) who invited me to appear on episode 27 of their Cornwall-based regular gaming/geek culture podcast 'Nerds Assemble'. I'll be honest, I didn't have a massive amount to contribute to the gaming element, as what with me having young kids and all, my gaming experience is down to one new Xbox thing every six months - and that's usually one that's already been out for a year or so, because then I can get it dead cheap.

We did talk about scriptwritey stuff though, so if you wanted to go there first, head to about 42 minutes in.

Nerds Assemble #27 Podcast

Things I should probably add:

1. While I was talking about television writers who like to retain as much control over their projects as possible, my brain did a dur and I said 'Polanski', when I meant to say 'Poliakoff'.

2. When we were talking about UK television shows often only running for two series, I didn't get round to mentioning one of the most important differences between our industry and the Americans: syndication. There's obviously immense pressure on US shows to get to that magic one hundred (sometimes fewer) episodes and get into syndication on various cable channels, at which point everyone involved retires on Fuck You money to spend the rest of their lives doing whatever they want.

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