Thursday, May 27, 2010

Down dang dangde dowwwwww

Last night I had a very pleasant pint with (EDIT: THE MYSTERIOUS MAN BEHIND) the Eighty Waves blog, as he surfs his way around Britain. And then a very pleasant second pint, which I haven't actually drunk more than a small glass of wine for two years now, plastered a stupid smile on my face, and caused me to walk home singing aloud to Timo Mass's 'To Get Down', which was on repeat on my mp3 player, which may have annoyed a lot of people on that long stretch of road between Falmouth and Penryn, apologies.


80waves said...

Curses, there goes my anonymity. But thanks for linking!

Great to see you, James. Glad to hear you made it back OK.

I just strolled back to my van, which may have annoyed a lot of people on that short stretch of quayside between the chippy and the harbour. The seagulls were complaining, anyway.


James Henry said...

Oops! Your anonymity is restored. Ish. The seaguls are always annoyed, ignore them.

80waves said...

Just kidding! It was fine!

Jonathan Z