Monday, December 10, 2007

Bloody bloody hell.

After two glorious days having broadband, British Telecom, in an attempt to install a second line, cut through the first. So back to no internet, or phone. Two people assured Patroclus it would be sorted out by 5pm Monday. It wasn't, obviously, so we are sitting in a coffee shop trying to catch up on everything all at once.

Every single element of this move, from telecom, to gas, to electricity, to banks, to letting agencies, has in some way Fucked Up. I'm becoming increasingly concerned that the next thing to play up will be gravity itself.

On the plus side, the cat is greatly enjoying having access to a garden, although typically, she likes to pop back inside to use the litter tray. I'm going to have to go through the diagrams with her again.

Anyway, if anyone's emailed me recently and had no reply, this is why.


Anonymous said...

Bastards. Was going to try for something witty but really, what else is there to say?

PS am actually quite glad it's BT's fault. Was beginning to suspect the two of you were in some loved up Cornish coupledom where you couldn't bear to acknowledge the outside world, leaving the rest of us without funnies to read during our long, boring work days. Not that I'm selfish or anything...

Sean McManus said...

Moving house is a complete nightmare, so much so that my catchphrase is still 'we're never moving again' four years after moving here.

llewtrah said...

I ditched BT and went cable because BT left we phoneless for 10 weeks due to claiming they had come to the house and no-one was in (which was a lie because I was unemployed at the time and had been indoors all day).