Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bearded Ladies tonight

quick reminder from Ori:

"Just to say our radio show 'MEANWHILE WITH THE BEARDED LADIES' starts tonight (11/09/07) on Radio 4 at 6.30. It features Fay, Susie, Charlotte and me along with Mark Addy, Cav Clerken, James Lance, Alex Lowe and a special appearance by Ronnie Corbett.

Its on for the next four weeks - that's every Tuesday. Or you can 'listen again' on the BBC web site"

Also, I don't know why colourlovers is cool, it just is. Mmm, palettes...

I like this one:

BLIMEY THIS IS INTERESTING: the colours of Islam. Wow.


Bearded Lady said...

oh thanks james that's nice of you.

Anonymous said...

I went to the recording, its well worth listening tonight, we laughed all the way through. And Ori was wearing a fabulous top, although I appreciate that might not come over quite as well on radio.

Fat Roland said...

Colourlovers: wow, I just lost half an hour.

Thanks for the Bearded reminder; I had forgotten.