Friday, February 02, 2007

Doing a favour for Neil Gaiman

penn jillette

Neil (I'm allowed to call him Neil, I did an event with him at Waterstone's once, Dave McKean was there, he lives nearby and I used to give him random discounts afterwards, but he always looked at me like I was mad*) asked in his blog for people to put this link in their blogs as part of a plan to freak out Penn Jillette that I didn't really understand.

* see also the me and Matt Begins-With-a-C's interesting but ultimately corrupt 'random ten percent discounts for pretty girls' experiment, which lasted until we were found out.**

** Two years later.

UPDATE: just to clarify, if anyone from Waterstone's security department is reading this, 'Matt Begins-With-a-C' isn't the one you're thinking of, he's a different one. And he's dead now, anyway. So let's all move on.

Sometimes I forget people I know still have proper jobs.


Spinsterella said...

A cute book-store guy gave me an unexpected 10% discount once.

Oh, maybe he liked me!

Do you think he's still there? It was only about a year ago...

James Henry said...

Dude, you're so in, GO BACK NOW!

Anonymous said...

Did Dave know about the pretty girl discounts, and wonder why his discounts were inconsistent? "What he's suggesting I'm having a ugly day or something along those lines".
I'm not sure that anything could freak out Penn Jillette, he does all the freaking.
Btw what happened when you got found out? Did where you forced into scriptwriting? Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Oops..No idea where that "did" came from! Please ignore.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that the Waterstone's "Matt" quota peaked at 5 - I suspect at least 4 of them were planted by an extremely unimaginative Security dept. I myself lobbied for the "being a wanker and pissing me off" surcharge but sadly lacked the commitment to see it through. I bequeath the idea herewith to any disaffected retail workers who might be reading.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Titan Books published both Mr Gaiman's Sandman AND the Green Wing scripts book.
(nernernerner Twilight Zone noises)

Hamilton's Brain said...

I remember that event. People kept stopping McKean for autographs despite the fact that he clearly was keen on a Jimmy Riddle. I'm afraid to say I was party to that toilet intervention. Still, though, signed Signal To Noise!

Anonymous said...

I swear I've never heard of Neil Gaiman before but for some reason it rang a bell. The Sandman series: there was a paper on it at a Millennial Studies Postgraduate Colloquium today.

If I'd looked at this any other day I'd have forgotten it by then. My GOD I'm highbrow.