Saturday, March 18, 2006

I think I'm going to... OMMRPG

Having singularly failed to learn from my last attempt at mixing alcohol with the internet (went out with B.M., drank too much, came home, sent impassioned email to random Doctor Who writer, woke up next morning to be so violently sick I started crying), I went out for a drink with B.M. last night, got back and thought: ooh! I've never played World of Warcraft drunk! How different an experience would it be?

In the space of two hours I:

Was eaten by bears.
Was beaten up by miners.
Was beaten up by a gang of dwarves.
Was jumped on by spiders.
Was ganked by a rogue.
Decided that 'Fist-sized Spinneret' would be a great name for a band.
Found a new cloak.
Attacked a town registry office and killed a number of prominent council members.
Met lots of new trolls I haven't met before. One of them had a pet raptor, it's name was Slashy, but I might have imagined that bit.
Found a shield and enchanted it to be slightly better than my old one.
Found a new hat, (although this covers up my troll character's red mohican, so I might sell it instead).
Learned how to sew linen bags.

In short it was brilliant. And I'm not hungover! Life is sweet.


Dave said...

Now I know why I'm tee-total. I wouldn't know where to look if I'd allowed myself to be ganked by a rogue.

James Henry said...

It was a truly humiliating experience. In front of lots of other trolls as well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fairly normal night for me, except that I don't do it in Warcraft.

Maud said...

When I was little there was a race of creatures living in the roller towel called the Ganks.

Anonymous said...

Which sense of "ganked"? Gang killed by one solitary rogue? Or had stuff filched?

James Henry said...

As in 'gag killed'. I know it was just one person, but she killed me so much, I'm counting it as a ganking.