Friday, January 13, 2006


By Danny Stack with a viral questionnaire*.

ONE (1) earliest film-related memory:

Watching Superman 3 (not 2, well spotted) at the age of eight, where, affected by Tarry Kryptonite, Grumpy Evil Superman is smashing bar bottles by using superstrength to flick peanuts. Upset and impressed me in equal measure.

TWO (2) favorite lines from movies:

Both bits really only make sense in the context of the film, but:

Bill Murray: I make it a rule never to sleep with possessed people. (beat) Well, it's really more of a guideline than a rule.... (Ghostbusters)

Minnie Driver: (affectionately) Psychopath.
John Cusack: (awkwardly) Don't... rush to judgement until all the facts are in. (Grosse Point Blank)

THREE (3) jobs you'd do if you could not work in the industry**:

Podium dancer.
Furniture designer.

FOUR (4) jobs you actually have held outside the industry:

Assembler of data-recording heads for the Turkish Underground (the transport system, not some form of political resistance, sadly).

Worker in a pot-pourri factory.

Wheeler of people into and out of operating theatres.

Holding Q&A's for authors in Canterbury Waterstone's. Bernard Cornwall - lovely man, Ruth Rendall - rather hard work, AS Byatt - sweet and funny, Barry McGuigananannn (used to be a boxer) once rang up about an event, and when I said it was sold out and we couldn't sell any more tickets as overpopulating the venue counted as a fire hazard, actually said 'Do you know who I am?'. I've always had a soft spot for him since, the cheeky little tinker.

THREE (3) book authors I like:

John Crowley (Little, Big, Aegypt)
Kim Newman (Anno Dracula)
Kate Atkinson (Emotionally Weird)

TWO (2) movies you'd like to remake or properties you'd like to adapt:

John Wyndham's 'The Kraken Wakes' (rights currently held by a grumpy man living in a bunker, apparently).

Gustav Meyrink's 'The Golem'. It hasn't dated well as a novel, but some of the images (the face of the golem appearing in a wall) are fantastically spookah.

ONE (1) screenwriter you think is underrated:

Daniel Waters

THREE (3) people I'm tagging to answer this meme next:

Um, Patroclus, I Go By Many Names, random acts of violets. Don't feel obliged though. And Igo's is friends-only, I think so no-one will know. Apart from me, as I'm down with the kids.***

* Not meme. Never that.
** Can't bring myself to call it the 'biz', I just can't.
*** Come on. Settle down.


Anonymous said...

hmmm. podium dancer. interesting.. what kind of establishment do you imagine yourself dancing in?

nice film quotes as well.

paulhd said...

It's national delurking week, apparently, so can irritatingly point out the very fine Superman scene came from the third film, not the second one?
Good luck with the kid's book, loved the sample.

Fun Joel said...

Great to see the meme spreading here. I'm finding lots of new blogs! :-) Thanks for playing along!

Urban Chick said...

oh, daniel w wrote 'heathers'?

i LOVE that film

*darts off to scour IMDB for details of other films i did not know were written by him*

James Henry said...

He wrote some crackers, did DW. Loved 'Batman Returns', and while 'Demolition Man' isn't um, a classic exactly, there are traces of some earlier, more interesting script buried underneath. He can basically write intelligent, witty blockbusters, which am damn hard to do.

woot said...

Agree bout Heathers. Also has some very quoteable lines regarding the gentle application of a chainsaw, which i still love!

Maud said...

Well, since I was tagged...

Maud said...

I've done it on this blog though, as I can't get on livejournal in school.