Friday, May 20, 2005

Viking Heist Movie Draft 1



WE see a longship, filled with VIKINGS, amongst whom are our HERO and A VIKING.

A VIKING: By Odin's Hammer (or something) this is a long journey. Perhaps you'd like to tell us a little bit of back story while we row and/or fiddle with sails/sing songs about wenching.
HERO: Very well, I was the only survivor of a viking attack on my ship and have since developed an understandable dislike of the Viking creed, although I am now working closely with your type and will later discover that against all the odds, my father- hang on, this is Pirates of the Carribean, isn't it?
A VIKING: Does sound a bit like it.
HERO: Bollocks.

Characters, longship and fjord fade to white. I go back to the drawing board.

Alternatively, I could always bung in a spaceship.

*Suggested by PP's friend Jim, which annoyed me, as I should have thought about it first. There is a scenario in the Warhammer Fantasy RPG (1st edition) with the same name, which I read years ago, so I've got no excuse.


belladona said...

Gah. don't you hate it when someone else has a similar idea to you? Curse that J. K. Rowling. If only I'd written the stuff down instead of lolling about eating chips.

Paul Pennyfeather said...

You could read Joseph Campbell's Hero with an Thousand Faces and rip it off wholesale- but I think that might have been done already...
NB why does George Lucas have such big hair- it looks kind of like its been whipped into that quiff.

Fizzy good said...

Douglas Adams keeps stealing my ideas. And do not even get me started on Shakespeare.

BiScUiTs said...

Argh how annoying!

James Henry said...

Big fan of J Campbell - any film that doesn't rip it off is the poorer for it, although yes, Star Wars is a bit literal. Groundhog Day and Grosse Point Blank are great examples of a modern-day interpretation of the Campellian monomyth (ooh, get me), and one day when I teach a film class I'll get round to making up some diagrams to prove it.

PS: I am writing this from a 4 star hotel, with wi-fi. That extra star really really makes a difference. I feel my whole life may have been leading up to this point.