Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I had to have a go...

Not Rufus, but I think I've got the hang of it...

A place we all know, where the 'little one' goes to dream:
- The land of make believe

Tapping at your window:
- Shadows.

Whispering 'will you come and play':
- Ghostly voices

Rejected payments for 'come and play' proposition:
- All the tea in China
- All the corn in Carolina

Will be with us once again:
- Superman

Waiting patiently in your garden until it can 'have your heart':
- Something nasty.

Taking up outlaw career, apparently not for the first time, out to be gotten by 'them', pursued by running people, and possibly about to be visited by an invisible tea-making assassin:
- You.

Songs much scarier in list form than when sung by Bucks Fizz:
- This one.


irony in motion said...

Update on favourites: this one, and also Lola (page 21).

Are you going to post it on the thread?

James Henry said...

Just put it up. Page 25, which also has a Magnetic Fields track bullet-pointed (it's 'I don't want to get over you'). For a brief time, this is like the best game ever.

Lola very funny as well - as JonnyB says, you have to do more than just turn a song into a list, and that one's pretty much perfect.

Kt said...

Damn you and your cat of blueness - I've just burnt the dinner 'cause I was having so much fun with this one.

Kt said...

Must... do... some... work...

christina@eastsidearts.org.au said...

Where does the corn come into it? "The entirety of North Carolina" is what it should be, methinks.

irony in motion said...

Update (again): 4'33, can't remember page. 25 or 26.