Thursday, March 10, 2005

Seriously, Truro.

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So, on the 5th April (three days before my birthday, but let's not make a thing out of it), Rufus Wainwright will be playing in Truro. Bloody Truro. Not sure what happened there (possibly a slightly tiddly game of pick-the-tour-dates-with-a-pin-and-a-map) but let's just be grateful that in a bizarre twist of fate, Rufus Wainwright will be playing about ten miles from where I live. Just before my birthday. Which is on the 8th, by the way.

If you're still not sure what Rufus sounds like, or why the live stuff is a big deal, here's some live smashingness:

Rufus Wainwright - 14th Street (Live)

And if you don't like that, you are a gargoyle, with a heart of stone, and no-one will ever love you. So if you're around Cornwall at that time, book a ticket now at Look, I've made it really easy for you.

Not by Rufus, but here's a song about libraries, sourced by the Mighty Evans. Everything the song says is true, and archivists are even sexier than librarians, obviously, and the only reason he doesn't sing that is because 'archivists' is hard to rhyme with. 'Love their lists' possibly? Or 'exude sexy mists'? Don't feel you have to tell me your own versions though. Just sing them quietly, inside your own heads, and if they're good, I'm sure I'll hear them too.


Fizzy good said...

Loved the sketch James. And that's all really.

irony in motion said...

Are you going to watch the programme about Rufus Wainwright on Channel 4 tonight?

james henry said...

Taping it. I hope he does his special laugh, like a foghorn on helium. It makes me laugh.

Paul Pennyfeather said...

Still not getting the Rufus thing- to me he sounds like a moany boy singing a bit out of tune droning on about his feelings.

NB when is your birthday?