Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Me no licky face today.

Sadly, there were no GW rehearsals today after all, as we needed to get on with the scripts, so I was unable to satisfy anyone's face-licking requests. Although I did pass Sarah Beeny (scroll down to Oct 27th for relevance) in the Talkback foyer, so obviously I was tempted to lick her face, but she might not have read the blog recently, in which case she would just have thought I was a bit strange.

Just as I was starting to wonder where the slugs (Aug 23rd) had gone, maybe even thinking something along the lines of 'You know what? I kinda miss those crazy guys', Summer pointed out this blog entry. So at least I know they're fine.

The meeting with the executive from the Cartoon Network went well, I think. A couple of times, anvils dropped out of the ceiling, flattening her into a two-dimensional caricature of herself, but both times she just blew into her thumb and popped back to normal, so that was okay. I didn't mention anything, it seemed rude. The meeting's about me possibly developing this action/comedy/adventure series for kids which a couple of other people have already been working on, which sounds fun, and when I was asked if I had any experience in creating functioning fantasy worlds with their own mythology, history, and laws of physics, I was able to say 'Well, I have played Dungeons and Dragons for seventeen years....'. Not normally something one would bring up at meetings, but the executive seemed familiar with the concept and replied 'Say no-'.

I think the last word was going to be 'more', but at that point it turned out that an executive from a rival cartoon company across the road had painted a hole in the floor, as she suddenly plunged out of sight and fell seven stories down. Peering cautiously over the edge of the hole, I was just in time to see a tiny animated puff of dust appear. When that finally settled, I could just about see a weak thumbs-up gesture, so I decided the meeting was over and let myself out.


Miss Moon said...

Maybe you should have tried licking Ms Beeny. If it all went wrong you could paint a hole through the floor and escape!

JonnyB said...

What... interesting... comments.

Sarah Beeny - pitching something, or just doing a bit of redecoration?

ScroobiousScrivener said...

I hear* that a history of roleplaying equals automatic disqualification from joining the Israeli army. Apparently they reckon it indicates "suggestibility" (are they kidding?) and difficulty in following orders (probably true, but you'd think that these two flaws were mutually exclusive).

However, the same reliable source is engaged in some kind of important anti-threat modelling job (no, I have absolutely no idea, sorry) and for that, roleplaying is a definite recommendation, as it proves he can project different scenarios, yadda yadda. Sounds more fun than being in the army, anyhoo.
* One of those random factoids that I should really check before passing them on, but if it's not so then I couldn't bring it up, and where's the fun in that?

james henry said...

Excellent stuff. But yes, not sure 'suggestibility' is quite right. After all, anyone worried about following the herd wouldn't exactly be playing D&D, would they?

Honestly, I might have go over there and put them straight on a few things.