Monday, March 28, 2005

For good reason.

The Arcade Fire, by the way, might just have made the greatest album in the world. Rufus Wainwright is so last week. Well, next week, technically, in Truro, but you know what I mean. Anyway, they're playing in London in May, and I'm quite seriously thinking about going to see them, which for me is a big deal, as I don't go out much.

Not much blogging at the moment, mainly because I'm frantically trying to get my new sitcom pilot script finished in time for Agent Ginny to forward it to the person at the BBC with whom I'm having a meeting on Wednesday. The script's gone quite odd, though, and I can't work out whether to steer it back into the realms of relative normalness (I'm trying to do something more mainstream, that could go on telly at half-eight or therabouts, so no swearing or suchlike). I might just let it head off on its own and then pare it back later on, as stuff that can seem delightfully quirky when you wrote it often transforms when you're not looking into 'self-indulgent zany madcap whackiness'. And I'm on thin ice there already, obviously.

This trailer by the US stand-up Sarah Silverman is doing the rounds on some of the comedy forums, and I thought it might be worth re-posting in case anyone was interested. I think it's for a DVD. Not sure, but potentially quite funny, and to be brutally honest, she ain't ugly. And I like the 'kissing the mirror' bit.

Large amounts of emotional energy have also been expended recently on trying to set up my new Netgear wireless broadband system thing, which would mean I could harvest the rich bounty of the internet without having the person I share flat with shrieking her phone calls about a foot from my face, which has to be a bonus. Unfortunately, just when I thought I was getting somewhere, the instructions, which I painstakingly pieced together from three different sources, went from the easily understandable 'plug thing A into thing B, wait fifteen seconds, look for green light', to the more worrying 'to check DCPH compatability with HCDBRF/G router, open SYS/Kerplunk folder and bumbletwitch netherwhimbles binybingybingybingywheeeeeee.', at which point I panicked, obviously, and rang Gandalf.

I was trying to avoid it, really, but I just couldn't do it. Anyway, he'll let me know when he's over next and if I bribe him with a bottle of wine he'll watch as I connect things and make the all-important 'teeth-sucky-in' noise when I'm going wrong. It'll probably sound like a steam loco convention, but there we go.

Didn't mean it Rufus. I still love you.


cello said...

Fingers crossed for you James. Pre watershed is the hardest nut. But with Peter Fincham now installed at BBC1 you've surely got a ready made fan.

Kt said...

Ah - wireless. The joy of curling up on the sofa surfing the net AND watching crap telly. You know that you can never go back?