Thursday, March 03, 2005


Having said Look Around You didn't quite work for me, I did like the Kevin Eldon song from the first episode. And now someone's done a dance mix. It ought to be rubbish, but it is in fact, both good and funny, and is top of the list at Freelance Hairdresser. Same chap also does a lot of excellent remixes/mashups under the name Soundhog, so keep an eye out.

While it's still up, I would also suggest dashing over to Music For Robots, scrolling down to the Feb 28th post and listening to It's Gonna Be A Long Walk by Apparat. Perfect blue cat music, in that it sounds like a string quartet being attacked by a ravening band of misfiring geiger counters. Lovely.


BiScUiTs said...

Ha ha. Thats crazy. I particularly like the Eminem VS TV theme tunes. It sounds like the sort of thing he might actually do.

Christina said...

Hurrah. Very big happiness - james and the blue cat is back!