Thursday, March 31, 2005

Last one (s)

From Laura, co-executive producer of 'The Library Wolves' and another member of the ex-Waterstone's mafia:

I’m not sure I’ve remembered every verse but here goes:

Items required:

- tree, 1, of oriental origin, rubber, fake
- earth, 1 pot-full, plastic, fake
- watering can, 1, green, plastic
- love, 1, authentic look, authentic taste, in reality plastic, fake

Conditions of living to be met:

- co-habitee, male, 1, rather alarmingly made of rubber
- town, location indeterminate, full of rubber plans, you can’t move for them


~ her – watering fake trees. Hmm.

o feeling worn out
o feeling worn out
o feeling worn out

~ him - 1980s: working in the field of female facial reconstruction

o now: nothing, he’s too worn out


- gravity
- town (sinisterly plotting to get rid of itself)


- to translate rather vague visual images in the song into an snazzy video set in a supermarket to demonstrate how, really, we’re all just victims of our own need for commodities and, like, life is a big supermarket where we are all artificially over lit, over-dressed, bored, confronted with uniform products that only purport to be different and are like, trapped in the shopping trolley of consumerism being pushed through the store by the mother of brand aspiration. Nothing a crashing guitar break can’t solve though – look, they’re going crazy in the supermarket! Phew, I’m worn out now though.

And from fellow GWer Richard (who I never knew was a Rufus fan):

"Beautiful Child"- Rufus Wainwright

Occasions on which to feel a Beautiful Child again:

* Goddammed Hills, when older than.

* Room, filled with toys.

* Wailing walls and burning crosses, falling.

* No gain/blame/pain.

Ways in which new feeling will be demonstrated:

* Banging on Crib, excited.

Extent to which child will be feeling beautiful:

* Such.


* God’s Twilight.


irony in motion said...

I've now actually started thinking in list format, especially when lying in bed. Example...
- cold
- tired

- move further down bed
- sleep

- many
- unidentified
- cat, possibly?

for many, many hours.

Anonymous said...

Heh! I did like this one. I used to have a Radiohead t-shirt that said fake plastic, which I thought mildly amusing. Then I realised they were deadly serious about the whole thing.
Still, it turned everything in the wash yellow anyhow so not much of a loss.
(Belladona, who has forgotten whatever silly name she logged in as originally - just how many people are out there with blogs?! My name was long and very silly and I made it up while drunk. So now I'll have to go through the whole hideous process again)

patroclus said...

"it turned everything in the wash yellow anyhow"

Proof, if any were needed, that Coldplay were nothing but a pale imitation of Radiohead.

Lauren said...

have you seen today's guardian, james? rufus wainwright is in the guide

james henry said...

I did see that and I very much liked his stripey shirt.

Lauren said...

no comments on the article then, just his clothes...