Saturday, May 05, 2007

My current favourite song.

Because it has:

1: a swear.
2: an obscure punctuation reference.
3: a high-pitched bit.

Vampire Weekend - 'Oxford Comma' (mp3)

Band website here.


Terrible lie said...

hahahahah it has a swear??

james henry said...

I thought I should warn people in case they were shocked.

Sylvia said...

Have you ever thought of trying Earth Wind and Fire???? The did lots of high pitched bits.

Boz said...

I like this. The organ action is cool. Matron..

Fat Roland said...

She means "Earth, Wind, and Fire."

See what I did there?

patroclus said...


Hamilton's Brain said...


Because it has:

1: a swear,
2: an obscure punctuation reference, and
3: a high-pitched bit.

patroclus said...

*claps again*

james henry said...

Oh you're all bollocks.

(I really wish I'd done that)