Thursday, May 31, 2007

Handclaps, Twanging, Death.

Not that bothered about the game itself (a multiplayer-only FPS based on a particularly silly roleplaying game where someone thought 'You know what the gritty near-future cyberpunk genre need? Elves and Trolls!'), but the music's great. It's called "Baiana", by the Brazilian group "Barbatuques". Me likey.

Non shotgun-toting-elf-based live performance video here.

ALSO: some updates and concept art on the upcoming LEGO MMO.


kaiki said...

'handclaps, twanging, death'is
surely the finest post title i've seen in a while...

Oli said...

Got quite excited by a Shadowrun computer game, till I figured out it needed Vista. Damn them all.

In a moment of absolutley ignorable syncronicity, I bought the 4th ed of the RPG that day. Spooky.