Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gloriously OTT hip-hop/morricone mashup thing stylee yo yo*

If I ever get round to raising my army of disgruntled rentallers** and reclaiming londony-types' second, third and fourth homes for the locals, this is the song I intend to have blasting out behind me as the sun goes down and the glorious cleansing flames begin to spread.

(I'm not burning the homes down, that would be counter productive. Probably a couple of sheds though. And that Jesus Army APC thing that drives around Falmouth, it's always annoyed me***)

* I've just watched the entire third series of The Wire over two days. I might have gone a bit odd.

** I really like this phrase.

*** I'm just jealous because I want my own one.


patroclus said...

Hurrah, more OTT hip-hop mashups. I've been listening to the Ray Parker Jr/Public Enemy one all day, which is probably why I've gone a bit Ghostbusters mental today.

Before anyone gets concerned that James has become some sort of free-thinking anarchist, I should point out that if he ever did set fire to someone else's property to a soundtrack of Nas and Ennio Morricone, his next immediate actions would be to apologise profusely, attempt to put it out, call the fire brigade and rescue the cat. Even if it didn't need rescuing.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm imagining you like Bill Bailey in that episode of Black Books where he'd spent all night watching a box set of The Sweeney and drinking expresso...

Anonymous said...

You could always start your recruitment drive here:


The Second Homes website makes your heart* bleed, doesn't it?

* Hang on, should that be "eyes"?

James Henry said...

Mr Molotov? I wonder if I could order up some of your marvellous little drinkies...

LMS said...

Count me in on your army as long as I can be rear-guard where the likelihood of physical exertion is small.

Been waiting months for Lovefilm to send me series 2 of The Wire. I'm trying to get one of 'my' channels to buy the show but either:
a) I'm too lowly in the organisation to be heard
b) they're ignoring my brilliant suggestion
c) they can't afford it.*

Anyway here's hoping my suggestions for their upcoming fantasy season make it instead.

I've been listening to GHP's Pinocchiohead On LSD recently but I also recommend Remember the Grace by Fort Murphy Jr which is also up Mashuptown.

* My ego would like to think this is the most likely option.

James Henry said...

Just heard Remember the Grace - me likey!

I'm sure it's c.

violet said...

I've just watched the second series of the Wire over two days. I'm callin' everyt'n a bitch, yo.

Anonymous said...

I'm just finishing Season 3 of Buffy, and then going back into season 3 of the Wire. What a programme! After I finished the fisrt season I couldn't go anywhere without scoping it for possible crime scenes - especially the low-rises (Soviet built low-rises in Lithuania, surely the setting for a future series? McNulty would love the LT ladies, the dawg).

Hamilton's Brain said...

I fancy I'll open a stationers
Stock quaint notepads for weekend pagans
While you were out with the Rollright Stones
I came and set fire to your shed.