Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For no particular reason.

The Baked Potato Song:

Also, and again for no real reason other than I found it this morning: Muppet Theme in Hebrew (down on the right hand side a bit).


cello said...

Matt Lucas looks a little bit like a baked potato. And that's not bitchy. In fact, I modelled my entire wardrobe on George Dawes' in the late '90s. I was particularly fond of a pink velour cat-suit that a lot of people found very attractive.

kaiki said...

i love. the moment when matt lucas begins to laugh nearly made me giggle up a bit of my spleen.

twit said...


I loved that show.

Apart from when Will Self took over from Mark Lamarr.... bad move.

I can take or leave Little Britain but I miss Vic & Bob..

More Catterick will do!

Have a word, James ¦:¬þ

Loganoc said...

Haha! I didn't realise Matt Lucas can actually be funny!

Jen said...

Matt does look like he's fresh out the microwave.

I've sung Hebrew before, but nothing as cool as the Muppets tune.