Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lego MMO

Technically, my excuse for wandering into the internets looking for Lego are the plans for a Lego MMO revealed earlier this year. World of Warcraft has finally run its course with me, and Second Life's apparent lack any kind of overall theme other than, well, perving and virtual storefronts leaves it looking rather charmless. And a bit 2002, frankly.

But a Lego MMO where you could join together all the various creations below, trading plans that would enable manga-style mechs to co-exist with Shakespeare vignettes, steampunk flyers and ridiculously ornate castles? I might never leave.

Brother Brick Blog
Lego Vignettes
Shakespeare Vignettes
Classic Castles
Classic Pirates
Lovely lovely mechs

I also had a vision whereby each server starts with the same basic layout, then is allowed to grow in different directions by its randomly-assigned users. Although it did occur to me that in around five years or so, one of them might actually have evolved, you know, life.


Jayne said...

I do worry about you sometimes...

Sylvia said...

I agree with Jayne, it's all a bit worrying....still, at least with lego you can practise your, ahem, fingering skills.
On the subject of models, during a recent excavation in minimac's room, I came across some playmobil figures - three people in an operating theatre.....hmm - sounds familiar. Could take a photo if you were interested.

Jen said...

Legoers will always be the coolest kids on the block.

Duplo made me laugh.

No, it did. I just used to laugh at it. Mum had a Doctor check me because of it.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Now, I've never played an MMO. However, I would definitely play a lego themed on.

Check this out:

You want epic stories, vague irreverence and lego?

You got it...

james henry said...

I do like the brick testament, it's marvellous.

Someone sent me a picture of the Playmobil operating theatre, it was most impressive (although not as good as realdoc's lego-scale CAT scan machine.