Saturday, June 03, 2006

Comedic Writers And The Facial Hair Thereof: Fay/Ori

Originally uploaded by jamesandthebluecat.
Look at them! Freaks!!!*

The ginger quality of the face foliage still fairly consistent, if now with a strangely one-dimensional quality. Good expressions though.

More ladies of the bearded variety here.

Soon: blue cat beardage.

And apologies to anyone brought here by the Guardian Guide thing, the blog's gone a bit silly of late. May was quite fun though, I met Lenny Henry and swore at Tamsin Greig. Go and have a look at May, down the side on the right there. Down a bit. There, yes.

* Mind, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was also thinking 'phwoooar'. Although in a slightly confused way. 'Phwoooooar?', perhaps.


Jennifer said...

'Luxurious luminous MS Paint lady-beards' should be mandatory.

For everyone. All the time.

*applauds the best effort so far*

Rich Johnston said...

I... I actually have a comedy beard. No Paint or falsies necessary.

I think I will hide myself away.

james henry said...

Well sir, if your imdb thing is correct, you are a Comedic Writer, and your beard is welcome here. A picture please, soon as you like, chop chop.

J said...

No chop-chopping literally though, Rich; or you won't qualify.

Aimee said...

Am eagerly awaiting bluecat beardage. Get on with it.

Are the shades of ginger between Fay's eyebrows and beard supposed to be a realistic representation? Are her eyebrows really that different?

Aimee said...

Oh wait. No. She doesnt ACTUALLY have a beard. So my differing shades of eyebrow/beard question is in fact redundant.
Sorry, caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Who is this Dave? said...

As a Gentleman Amateur of the Beard World (to throw your own words back at you) may I just say that we Gentleman Amateurs do have certain standards. Beards, of whatever length or design should be neatly trimmed.

The yellow (sorry, very blonde) one needs substantial work with scissors and razor.

I would be happy to oblige if Ori would like to pop round here.

james henry said...

ORI RUN!!!!!

My blog will not be used for soliciting purposes Dave, thank you, and the trembling flowers of womanhood that are the GW ladywriters are to be protected at all costs. Especially after the incident in the taxi with Mark Heap.

Jennifer said...

But surely that incident turned out okay in the end? She did, after all, still have her tights on.

Bearded Lady said...

but they were laddered.

Jennifer said...

Uh oh. You know, you really should use proper contraception in future, Ori!

It doesn't matter how heavy the denier is that you use, either. You just can't trust 'em. Not nowadays...