Monday, June 27, 2005

This one's for my homies.

I like my financial adviser. He's well-spoken and sweary, the combination of a true English gentleman. In fact I phoned him earlier today:

ME: Sorry, I've been meaning to call you, but every time I thought of it, I looked at my watch, and it was a minute past six.
FA: Well that doesn't matter. You can call me any time.
ME: Oh, cool. Thanks.
FA: You could call me at three in the morning if you want.
ME: Okay.
FA: I'd tell you to fuck off though.
ME: Well sometimes I probably need to be told to fuck off.
FA: There you are then. Just call me at three in the morning.
ME: You really do provide all the services, don't you?
FA: Ho yuss.

Marvellous stuff. If it sounds a bit hoity having a financial adviser, it's not particularly. Being self-employed I need one of them, and an accountant an' all. It's like having a widely-dispersed posse, especially when you take Agent Ginny into consideration. And someone needs to, mmm-hah.

I've lost the thread now. Anyway, I'm going up-London tomorrow for a potentially interesting meeting, the details of which I will post later, for fear of a-jinxin'* it.


* Sorry about the strange archaic diction, I've just watched Went The Day Well and I'm feeling rather black and white today.


Anonymous said...

Now *that's* what I call a film.

Terrified the life out of me the first time I saw it, as indeed it was designed to do. I'll keep an eye out for you striding about London with straight back and stiff upper lip.

james henry said...

Yes, it's quite shocking, isn't it? Could teach Quentin a thing or two. I shall try to resist braining anyone in London with an axe though, just this one time.

cello said...

Yes, there's nothing Pashmina and I like better than a black and white day. We sent Patroclus packing way last Thursday with strict instructions to watch one of our favourite black and white films of all time, "I Know Where I'm Going" by Powell and Pressburger, but we've heard nothing since. I fear she may have been struck down by her strong allergy to romance.

james henry said...

Don't know that one - although obviously A Matter of LIfe and Death is a lovely lovely film. PP made me watch 'The Third Man' the other day, for the first time. Amazed at how modern it all looks.

Must watch The Seven Samurai again. That's bloody excellent, that is.

strangeumbrella said...

How I love The Seven Samurai. I've never seen The Magnificant Seven, though.