Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Characters from the new Aardman Sketch Show...

sketch show

.. which I believe is coming out August-ish, First three characters are mine, being The Street Rappers*, who will hopefully cause people to look at blingy kids in hooded tops in a slightly different way. They're all attitude, but possibly not quite as intimidating as they first appear. So far I've only seen this very lovely concept art, but it's quite far advanced now, and I'm dying to see them in action.

More animation:

Excellent public service information thing disguised as a video game.

Animated office-based video for an acoustic version of Radiohead's Creep

Not animated, and taken off video, but very funny, and sort of proto GW-ish (in that I vaguely remember this from first time round, and I'm sure influenced me on some level:

Absolutely's Dancing Surgeons (about half way down).

Completely unrelated - went out for a drink last night in Media Whore uniform (trainers, jeans, t-shirt, suit jacket). Hair is now longish with a sort of goatee-beard type-thing, caught a glimpse of myself in shop window and thought 'bloody hell, I'm dressed exactly like Mike Rutherford from Genesis circa 1992.'

May have to rethink wardrobe.

*They don't actually rap. In fact they have no dialogue at all. But they do live on a street.


Steve Dix said...

they remind me of a comic from a small publisher over here, called "Die kleinen Mutterficker" (the little Muthaf**kas).


Marsha Klein said...

I'm sure you're doing yourself a disservice, James, although even in 1992 Mike Rutherford was middle-aged and must almost qualify for a bus pass by now - so I take your point. However, there are worse crimes - going out dressed as Nik Kershaw circa 1984 for instance.

Glad to see "Absolutely" getting a mention. Loved that series.

Kalista said...

Media whores have a uniform?

I used to have a fear of beards, thinking they were grown by men to cover up terrible secrets and trecherous pasts. But now I quite like them.

Uberpause said...

In my case the beard hides a weak chin; not sure that counts as a treacherous past, unless you mean the section of my CV which lists one of my attributes as 'strong chin'.

Kalista said...

So you once had a strong chin, but somehow lost it, and now have a bearded weak chin...veeery interesting. What about the monecal?

strangeumbrella said...

Love the dancing surgeons. Is there any chance of something similar in forthcoming GW??

belladona said...

'I can't dance'.
Hmm, it all comes together doesn't it?
*Strokes beard in knowing but irritating fashion*.
I am wondering where I got the beard from now.

james henry said...

Ah but I can totally dance, when the stars are right, so I'm one up on Mike there.

And strange, I think the Absolutely people might get annoyed if we nick their stuff directly. But I can pretty much guarantee series 2 will have people wearing surgical uniforms doing something silly, if that helps.

Marsha Klein said...

Oops! Just found out that Mike Rutherford was only born in 1950 and so NOT middle-aged in 1992 and some years from his bus pass yet. Still stand by the Nik Kershaw comment tho'.

strangeumbrella said...

It's got to the point now where people in surgical uniforms doing something very normal and not silly at all will make me start laughing, so that'll be rather wonderful.